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Shop now among Venice's excellent collection of plastic trays, choose Mainaspak from the zigzagging plastic trays, and flat plastic trays. To show your food to your customer attractive and interesting. In addition to practical plastic process lids, the court closed. Discover the newest packing products with venecia.

Product Range

Item Name:54 oz rectangle Zigzagging bottom plastic tray with lid

Product Information:

_Transparent plastic sanitary tray, environment-friendly rectangle Zigzagging base.

_Tray with dom cover, stylish, easy to close.

_Powerful and flexible, with a different design and attractive to provide and save food.

_The sizes of these tray range between 216 * 165 * 74 mm

_Packing size 360 ​​tray per carton.

_The price of the carton depends on the quantity required as follows:

*First quantity (25 cartons):SR 357.

*The second quantity (50 cartons):SR 315.

*Third quantity (above 50 cartons): SR 283.5

: 1 × 1

* Free Shipping !

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