cups&cups accessories

paper cups

We offer you a variety of paper cups that are best for coffee, tea, and all other drinks. You can now shop between a range of luxurious and practical paper cups to be safe to deliver your drinks safely while keeping your drink warm. We have cups for hot and cold drinks come in all sizes and shapes to suit your customers' requirements. Best quality, cheapest price, and environmentally friendly raw materials. With Venice Discover the newest packaging products.


If you are looking for the comfort of your customer, the level of service of your restaurant, and the trust of the customers, we share your goal by providing a huge set of cup holders with hands, strong and strong. We offer it to you with enough size for the cup, and another size is enough for four cups. As for our raw materials. You will find paper carrier& plastic carrier.

plastic cup

Whatever the way you serve in your restaurant you will find what suits you among our selection of plastic cups. We provide you with different shapes, sizes, colors, and all the logo printing techniques, and we rely on environmentally friendly plastic. Venecia pack uses its own style after the sale, where we deal with your complaints and provide solutions in a timely manner.

cups aceessories

The convenience of the customer is more than having all the convenient means to eat and drink, and the cup accessories are the most important comfort for the customers of your restaurant, through which ensure that your drink to the hand of the client properly, clean and safe without taking anything away, and without hurting the customer.

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