Baking paper wraps

Baking paper wraps

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We have in Venecia for packaging, a wide range of heavy-duty baking rolls with sizes of 30-40 Gm

It’s form of a paper side and the other side is made of oil isolated material (anti grease) It comes in the form of coils (not available for printing), Available in all sizes to suit your needs or in a paper-like paper like newspaper (printable).

Product Range

Item Name:Customized size of baking paper roll wraps

Product Information:

_baking paper roll wraps are environmentally friendly

_Designed to maintain health and safety of your customers

_ baking Paper roll are characterized by the quality of raw material.

_We provide you with commercial logo printing technology.

_The density of 20 to 30 grams, comes next to paper and another side resistant to grease.

_Sometimes called “tissue paper” "butter paper”.

_Available any size .

_ printable.

: 1 × 1

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