Microwave plastic tray

Microwave plastic tray

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Vencia offers all the innovations and solutions of packaging products to its customers, so we offer you a precise set of plastic microwave trays to provide your food as you should, and in a manner that is appropriate for its quality. In our store you will find plastic microwave containers in one section or two, Available in colors. Choose from them what suits you and what you need.
 It is the perfect solution to keep hot foods, heavy and durable, to withstand the heat and come with a stylish black or blue base to be proud of in front of your customers. Discover with Venecia the newest packaging products.

Product Range

Item Name:24 OZ rectangle bottom microwave plastic tray with lid

Product Information:

_Thermoplastic tray, microwave accessable and heat bearing.

_With dom cover, stylish, easy, and tightly sealed.

_Special design and attractive. In addition to its raw strength, ease of use.

_Available in black& transparent cover.

_The sizes of these tray range between 216 * 165 * 32 mm.

_ Packing size ranges from 360 containers per carton.

_The price of the carton is determined according to the required quantity as follows:

*First quantity (25 cartons): SR 221.

*The second quantity (50 cartons): SR 195.

* The third quantity (above 50 cartons): SR 175.5.

: 1 × 1

* Free Shipping !

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