Paper Bags

Now choose from our large collection of paper bags, the best in packing and delivering products at the best price, suitable for restaurants, food delivery shops, and bakeries. Venice offers paper bag products with the best proportionality, between high quality and reasonable price. We also offer custom logo printing service . Our paper bags are flexible, easily transported anywhere. It is also 100% eco-friendly bags, recyclable. . Venice believes in the principle of partnering with customers in packing and packaging their products, so we can produce any size you like, with other options . Suitable for the nature of our customer services such as; (Hand-held holder, plain flat hand handle)

Non-woven bags

We put in your hands a variety of non-woven cloth bags of various shapes, sizes, and raw materials. . Minasap finds your needs whatever it is. Non-woven fabric bags are made of long-lasting, healthy materials that can be used more than once. all of which are eco-friendly bags and strong and durable materials. For this reason it is very suitable for use as shopping bags. It can also be printed in four colors, and is therefore very suitable for printing your message.

Plastic bags

Now available in our online store The best variety of plastic bags that meet your requirements, can be used in packing and packaging, in clothing stores, even garbage bags are available to us. All of which are environmentally friendly materials, and of high quality. . Our factories can produce plastic bags in all shapes, sizes, colors, types, and various designs, and provide printing of all different logos. . It has two types HD and LD

Carton Bags

In addition to providing all the details and technical touches on the bags, you can choose bags with unique appearance, distinctive handles, distinctive paper with a layer of velvet or glossy. We also have a lot of other options in front of you, such as: (engraving or engraving - adding a bar - print with phosphoric paint). . now choose among the good bags for fashion boutiques, shops, toy shops and more. and order your quantity now not less than 1000 bags / tablets.

Mixed Bags

Compact bags are one of the most important innovations in Venice. They are the best choice for packing products. They are designed to fade defects and become more durable, so do not fear customers to tear the bags while carrying their products. . Shop now among a wide range of compact bags. Bags with unique appearance and soft handles. Manually made of carton and cloth together. . We give the bag what it takes to take an elegant look. We make the handles in several colors. You can choose a special color with the cloth, the color of the handle as you choose. And printing your logo or message on one or both sides of the bag.

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