Small square containers per kilo.

Small square containers per kilo.

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Venecia  always offers all solutions to its customers to help them improve their service. We believe that we are your partners in getting your customer satisfaction. For this reason, we put in your hands a collection of small square plastic containers per kilo, a group that is determined by the size of the quantity it takes from a product. Making food packaging easier and easier. Small square plastic containers in kilos are ideal for shops, supermarkets and other weight-bearing entities. Discover the newest packing products with venecia.

Product Range

Item Name:Small square container 12 kg

Product Information:

_Clear plastic container, sanitary, environment-friendly. The base square is smooth.

_container with flat cover, distinctive, easy and tightly sealed.

_This container is characterized by its high height, making it suitable for many uses such as nuts, dried fruits and others.

_The capacity of this container up to half a kilogram.

_Packing size 100container per carton.

_The price of the carton depends on the quantity required as follows:

*First quantity (25 cartons): SR 187.

*The second quantity (50 cartons):SR 165.

* Third quantity (above 50 cartons): SR 148.5.

: 1 × 1

* Free Shipping !

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