Round utility container

Round utility container

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Round utility container of  Venecia  are characterized by their diversity. Both in its ore. We provide you with white polyethylene plastic, transparent plastic health. In this group, you can also choose between Round utility container with a lid or Round utility container without lid. As well as the various sizes available from circular vessels with a lid. Discover the newest packing products with venecia.

Product Range

Item Name:8 oz round utility container white

Product Information:

_Plastic container of white polyethylene, sanitary, environment-friendly.

_A container without a lid, with a smooth round bottom.

_Combines flexibility, quality and raw material. Making it suitable for many uses.

_The dimensions of this container range from 140 * 30 mm.

_Packing size 500 container per carton.

_The price of the carton depends on the quantity required as follows:

*First quantity (25 cartons): 238 SR.

*The second quantity (50 cartons): 210 SR.

*The third quantity (above 50 cartons): 189 SR.

: 1 × 1

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