plastic carrier

plastic carrier

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If you are looking for the comfort of your customer, the level of service of your restaurant, and the trust of the customers, we share your goal by providing a huge set of cup carriers with hands, very strong.

The venecia plastic carrier is a powerful stand that supports the ease of movement for your customers.

* Available in transparent and black colors.

* Plastic carrier are available with two sizes:

_A plastic carrier with two sides for two cups.

_Aplastic carrier with 4 sides for 4 cups

Product Range

Item Name:plastic carrier with four SIDES

Product Information:

Strong and sturdy cup carriers are important factors for your customers' comfort.

* with four sides stand for 4 cups.

* Made of environmentally friendly plastic.

* Available by hand to carry.

* carriers available of this type is transparent or black.

: 1 × 1

* Free Shipping !

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