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pizza box

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Choose Now from Venice's various pizza paper boxes, made with precision paper to bring the pizza to your client properly without tearing or bumpingWe supply paper pizza box in 20x20, 24x24, 28x28 or 34x34 sizes, and any other sizes can be provided as per your request.

You can choose between flat-leaf pizza paper boxes or ripple paper cans.

You can also print all kinds of logos on the pizza paper box.

Product Range

Item Name:20x20cm pizza box (Pizza Box Small )

Product Information:

_Made of high-quality, high-strength deluxe paper to withstand the most weight without any stumbling.

_This size is available from flat paper or ripple paper.

_Available any commercial logo printing.

_Available in white,brown,full print.

: 1 × 1

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