Aluminum container and bowls

Aluminum container and bowls

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Venice offers this kind of container and container; so we can be with you step by step in all your occasions and events Dear customer.

There are two oval and rectangular shapes that do not have a separate lid. The container or container comes covered completely to keep the food hot.

It is made from the side of the tin and the sides of the carton

Product Range

Item Name:40 mm 2 sections Aluminum Container

Product Information:

Venice offers you multi-section aluminum containers to be step by step with you on your occasions and parties.

· With aluminum containers you will keep the temperature of your food.

· Produced from high quality environmental friendly materials.

· Formal specifications: 150 mm x 199

· Packing size 500 pieces per carton.

· Consists of two parts

: 500 × 1

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