Cartoon Bags

Cartoon Bags

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In addition to providing all the details and technical touches on the bags, you can choose bags with unique appearance, distinctive handles, distinctive paper with a layer of velvet or glossy. We also have a lot of other options in front of you, such as: (engraving or engraving - adding a bar - print with phosphoric paint).

now choose among the good bags for fashion boutiques, shops, toy shops and more. and order your quantity now not less than 1000 bags / tablets.

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Item Name:Cartoon bag

Product Information:

.Bags with unique appearance, carefully designed and accurate_

_Bags with bottom and sides.
_Available Print any design or images for commercial logos.
_Many options are available in cardboard bags such as; (engraving or engraving - addition of tape - printing with phosphoric paint)
_Minimum order quantity of carton bags 1000 bags.

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