noodels box

noodels box

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Venecia has a wide collection of high-quality paper noodles box, which are internally lined with a layer that makes them easy to use and safe with the sauces. We guarantee that our paper boxes are the best and easiest to use

We offer the following sizes: (12-16-20-24) cm. As for their forms there areo paper noodels box with a round bottom, and boxes with a square bottom, with the possibility to print all logos to distinguish your brand.

Product Range

Item Name:12 OZ noodles box

Product Information:

_Made of high-quality deluxe paper and durability.

_Fat-lined cans for safe use with noodle sauce.

_Noodles paper box of this size are available with a round bottom or square bottom.

_Available any commercial logo printing.

_ Minimum quantity of order of the Noodles printed logo 5000 pack.

: 1 × 1

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