Mixed Bags

Mixed Bags

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Compact bags are one of the most important innovations in Venice. They are the best choice for packing products. They are designed to fade defects and become more durable, so do not fear customers to tear the bags while carrying their products.

Shop now among a wide range of compact bags. Bags with unique appearance and soft handles. Manually made of carton and cloth together.

We give the bag what it takes to take an elegant look. We make the handles in several colors. You can choose a special color with the cloth, the color of the handle as you choose. And printing your logo or message on one or both sides of the bag.

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Item Name:mixed bag

Product Information:

_Bags combine non-woven and cardboard, which earns elegance and practicalit

_Bags of handmade production

_Available with bottom and sides

_Available more than one color in the built-in bag, so that the color of the sides differs from the color of the face back and front. In addition to the possibility of independence of the color of the rule

_Available in different shapes (Ring, Triangle, Square)

_Available any color

_Available print any design or images for commercial logos

_All kinds of handles are available for compact bags

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