double wall paper cup

double wall paper cup

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Double wall cups feature a flat outer wall to provide protection against heat so that your customers do not get hurt, and the drink will not lose its heat in a short time, and a soft inner wall to fill all drinks. You will find venecia double wall paper cups in the following sizes; (

You can also find two types of venecia double wall paper cups :-

*double wall paper cups of brown kraft paper, with thepossibility of printing your logo distinctly.

*And double-walled paper cups that can be combined with all logos and all

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Item Name:8oz double wall paper cup

Product Information:

Double wall paper cups with an outer wall of smooth cardboard to provide protection against heat, and keep the temperature of the drink as much as possible.

* The outer wall has a soft shiny touch to ensure the quality of commercial logos printing

* These cups are available to made of brown kraft paper or plain paper

* All accessories are available to suit this size

: 1 × 1

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