paper container and bowls

paper container and bowls

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Venecia offers you a variety of paper containers that are best for you. Whatever the purpose of their use you will always find them satisfying and keep the temperature of drinks and foods different.

paper containers from venecia Comes in all sizes (4,6,8,12,16,20,30,34,38,40,75,130)

Up to paper container lids vary in size, you will find 40 oz paper container are covered with "Plastic Flat"lid, but the75, 130 oz paper container is covered with a "flat paper" lid Equipped with a tin layer from the bottom, Accroding to 4,6,8,12,16 oz paper container is coverd with elliptically high lid (Pompey) and also available from the inside of the interior or rugs to combine the aesthetic form and the strength of use.

Venecia paper containers combine aesthetics and strength of use, and are available in different shapes to suit your customers' needs. Best quality, cheapest price, and environmentally friendly raw materials. With Venecia Discover the newest packaging products.

Product Range

Item Name: 12 Oz soup Paper container

Product Information:

Venice offers you paper containers and bowls that are definitely the best for you.

· Characterized by environmentally friendly products.

· Keep the hot drink temperature as long as possible.

· Comes with Flat paper dim.

· Formal specifications of this product is mm90 × 87mm

: 500 × 1

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