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wet wipes

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Whatever your business or service varies; you should keep it clean constantly, so it is indispensable for wet wipes to meet your customers' requests, and maintain your brand standing.

In our online store, you will find a selection of wet wipes, which we make for our customers in high quality. We offer them a variety of options to suit their different service requirements, where we will find soft and strong wet wipes as well as refreshing flavors. There is lemon flavor, and another jasmine flavor. As usual, Venecia can print your logo with precision technology.

The order start with wet wipes printed from 1000 cartons.

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Item Name:small wet wipes

Product Information:

_Wet wipes that combine texture softness and durability.

_ available with lemon flavor and yasmine flavor.

_Available to print any commercial logo on its cover.

_Minimum printable of paper wet wipes 100 cartons.

: 1 × 1

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