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The customer's pleasure starts with a distinctive service that is appreciated, through easy-to-use and solid-strength food utensils.
Venecia offers its customers a strong range of plastic straw of various types, you will find

● The flat straw; its absorbent surface is flat and soft
● The zigzag straw; a straw whose outer surface is corrugated and tortuous.

We provide you with various pipettes ends,

● straw with sharp end; this design is available in two types of straws, either a flat straw or a
zigzag straw.
● straw with round end; This design is loose in the flat straw & the zigzag straw.

As for the casing of the straw, Venecia let its customers choose between the plastic cover and the paper cover, each with its own
characteristics. The plastic cover is available to print only one color, while the paper cover accepts three colors.

The sizes of our straw range from 6-8-9-10-12 mm. The colors available from the straw are of mono color. There are black straw, white cartons and colored cartons.

Product Range

Item Name:6 mm straw

Product Information:

_Environmental friendly plastic straw.

_This size is available in two shapes, flat straw and flexible straw.

_Two ends are available, straw with a sharp end, and straw with a circular end.

_This size can be available without a cover, a plastic cover, or a paper cover. As you choose.

_Colors in one carton are same either white, black, transparent, or colored.

_Any one-color logo can be printed on the plastic cover, while any three-color logo can be printed on the paper cover.

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