Handmade non-woven bags

Handmade non-woven bags

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The size of your project and your few packaging products do not conflict with your desire to have a high quality product. Venecia pack has achieved this equation with the Handmade non-woven bags, which are available in all colors. Each part of the bag can be colored in a different color. The front is of a different color and the back part is of a different color. As well as the colors of the sides and sides.

We manufacture handmade non-woven bags, high quality raw materials, handmade non-woven bags, as well as the possibility of printing any logo or design you want on canvas hand bags. Handmade non-woven bags are available with easy-to-carry folded handles.

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Item Name:Hand made non woven bag

Product Information:

_Strong and durable bags, eco-friendly

_Bags with sides and base

_Available with hand-held handles and handles, you can control the color as you like, whether you want the same body color of the bag, or a different color, which earns a lot of elegance and excellence

_Available for printing any design and information related to the trade logo, and can be printed in four color colors

_Available in folded handles that come in a beautiful streamlined manner and are also durable

_Available in all colors

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