sandwich paper bag

sandwich paper bag

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The bags of paper sandwiches are indispensable regardless of the level and type of food of your restaurant, so Venice has taken care to provide a variety of these bags with sizes and sizes ranging from 10 g to 40 g.

It takes the sandwich form without a base from the bottom, and there is a traditional type and type with a window at the top of the bag

Easy-to-use designs, shapes whether covered or open, colors, and logo printing

Item Name:full paper sandwich bag

Product Information:

_Whatever level and type of food your restaurant, bags and sandwiches are necessary. Therefore, Venecia has taken care to provide a distinctive variety of these paper bags

_Bags with sides and without bottom

_Available in white, brown and full print

_The body of the bag is full of paper

_This paper density starts from 10 g to 40 g

Print any design and information related to the logo_

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