Eco friendly canvas bags

Eco friendly canvas bags

Eco friendly canvas bags

Eco friendly canvas bags

Canvas bags are the most important friendly environment packaging market products, and they are a good alternative to plastic bags that cause environmental hazards and this is due to their being non-biodegradable, but the strange thing is that the material from which non-woven canvas bags are made is based on the plastic glass that is recycled and produced Polypropylene is the material from which the yarns are used to make environmentally friendly canvas bags

How are these bags safe in the environment and the basis for their manufacture is polypropylene, which is made from a plastic that is known to be harmful?

Of course, the topic appears strange, but when you know that this plastic glass is listed under the list of environmentally friendly plastics, you will be reassured, and what increases the reassurance is that the polypropylene used in the manufacture of textile threads, even if its origin is plastic, but it is a material that is completely degradable in the soil by bacteria and living organisms So, it is completely safe and suitable for use without causing any harm to the environment

Are there types of eco-friendly beanbags?

Yes, there are two types

The first one is woven like linen bags

second type is non-woven, which is the most popular in the field of packaging

These two types of woven and non-woven cloth differ in their composition, but they are both types of fabrics that vary in color and are not limited to a certain group of colors, and both accept all colors of glossy and matte printing, but the cost of non-woven is lower and it is considered the best choice for business, while woven is suitable for artworks and works. Handmade

The non-woven fabric industry began in the forties of the twentieth century and produced in large quantities daily, as it was a reason to open new horizons for many areas such as

Clothing field: It has been used in the manufacture of protective clothing, hats and some clothing accessories

Industrial field: It has been used in the field of decoration, automobiles, as a heating insulator, etc.
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So what are the advantages of environmentally friendly fabric bags?

- Bear any kind of printing.

- Biodegradable, non-polluting and environmentally friendly.

- Cloth bags can be washed and cleaned.

- It is multi-use and is manufactured in all colors and shapes, and you can print a logo on it

It can be reused many times.

- Reducing the use of plastic bags whose consumption has reached one trillion bags annually, which causes severe damage to the environment.

For example, if you buy a product in a cloth bag, you can keep it and use it again, unlike plastic bags that are disposed of after one use.

What are the uses of eco-friendly bean bags?

More than one initiative was launched that urges the use of cloth bags as a good alternative in the shopping process for its many advantages, so the use and demand of customers increased and it has great marketing importance due to the circulation of cloth bags between people, which helps you to spread.

And don't forget that one bag made of environmentally friendly fabrics saves many plastic bags

An initiative recently appeared in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the name (The Environmental Bag Initiative), which is a Saudi Gulf project that works to spread the culture of the environmental bag and produce environmentally friendly bags that conform to global environmental standards and to limit the use of a bag or bags harmful to the environment and this bag of cloth and its distribution in a large and organized manner The governmental and private sectors to build a system moving towards educating the Saudi society about the dangers of plastic bags and the extent dangerous to the environment

As studies have shown that by 2050 the volume of plastic in the oceans will exceed the size of marine organisms and will negatively affect more than 700 species of marine organisms.

Eco-friendly canvas bags are used in the packaging of many and many products of various kinds, such as

- Jewelry and these bags are handcrafted and give a sophisticated and rich look that matches the value of the jewelry.

- Filling sweets and chocolate and presenting them in an attractive form -

- Save wedding dresses, suits, etc.

These bags are manufactured from environmentally friendly fabric in any color or size.

Filling sweets and chocolate and presenting them in an attractive form of Cloth. bags are not thrown away, so they are considered permanent advertisements, so many owners of shops and businesses accept them.

There is another societal dimension to using cloth bags, as there are some shapes and sizes that are made manually and not by using machines, which helps provide some job opportunities within the packaging factories.

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Canvas bags are not the only environmentally friendly products

There are many other products that are environmentally friendly, for example

- Packaging products such as cups and paper bags

Most of the paper food packaging products are completely food safe and environmentally friendly at the same time

McDonald's is considered one of the pioneering companies that have used environmentally friendly packaging bags made of paper since 1990, and over time it has abandoned white bags and resorted to brown kraft bags and is one of the leaders in food packaging and production, according to the pledge that I made that by 2025 all the packaging products it will use McDonald's is 100% environmentally friendly, and thereafter the demand of companies and restaurants for environmentally friendly packaging products has increased, especially in the field of food and beverages in restaurants and cafes, and the use of environmentally friendly containers, cups and bags.

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Among the wonderful contributions is also the contribution of the global Nike company, which was able to take advantage of recycling more than three billion plastic bottles and converting them into synthetic fibers to produce some sports clothes


Advantages of eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is known by some other terms such as sustainable packaging or green packaging, and in order for the product to fall under environmentally friendly products, it must be completely biodegradable, recyclable or reusable.

Recyclable packaging is the best example of eco-friendly packaging because it can be used instead of being thrown into the waste stream and increasing pollution to the environment.

Recycling packaging materials also helps reduce harmful emissions, conserve resources, save energy and reduce waste. Environmental experts can also be hired to identify materials that can be recycled and materials that are not.

If you are a merchant and looking for environmentally friendly fabric bags, we at Venecia Packaging can provide you with those bags exactly as you want them.

Venice canvas bags are friendly to environment

Since the start of the project in 2003, Venice Packaging has been operating eco-friendly bags and among our products are non-woven fabric bags

Non-woven fabric bags are manufactured in different sizes as per the needs of each customer in there

- Small Canvas Bags -

- Medium Canvas Bags -

- Large Canvas Bags -

It is possible to change the size according to the customer's needs, as well as there:

-Non-woven fabric bags with or without handle

- Canvas bags with sides or without sides on request -

- Landry bag for laundry -
- Eco-friendly canvas bags are available in all colors and you can print the logo you want.

What are the steps for ordering an order of non-woven fabric bags?

- Choose the product you want from eco-friendly sizing types.

A dress bag - a newspaper bag - a jewelry bag - a handbag - laundry bags ....

- Determine the quantity of non-woven bags you need.

"All Sizes Available" Specify the bag size -

- Choose the printing colors you want on the bags -

- Select the bag color -

Minimum order quantity of environmentally friendly fabric bags

- Canvas Jewelry Bag 500 Bags

-Dresses bags 500 bags -

- Printed Cloth Bags 5000 Bags -

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