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About US

“KSA’s leading Food packaging products manufacturer”

It is a Saudi company that works according to an integrated strategy that includes packaging and bag making. We work to ensure transparency and professionalism to provide confidence and ensure delivery of business. Venice combines the technology and the best strategic distribution systems that exceed expectations of the latest packaging products, the highest quality brilliantly enhanced by innovation and creativity, we realize that the previous performance is not a guarantee of success We emphasize the importance of establishing the best quality standards in industry.

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Mr.Fahd AL Otaibi

Riyadh Office Director

Dr.Marwa M. Zaki

Dubai office Director

Mona Mamdouh

Egypt office Director

Mohamed Nagib

HR Manager

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Corporate social responsibility can be a box-ticker, or it can be a genuine desire to take care of the communities and environments in which we operate. . As a family-run business, we take this part of our business just as seriously as we do our packaging — providing the largest environmentally friendly paper and cardboard range by a KSA manufacturer, with...

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With over 300 products in our ready-to-go range, there’s a good chance if you need any of the below, they’re ready to go right now . Bags Cups and cup accessories Plates, bowls, and cutlery Cartons and trays Napkins Wraps And because many are available in plain or subtle designs, you can easily add finishing touches like ties, labels, and stamping to make...

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Quality to us means perfection, not “near enough is good enough”. . It works by consistently operating 99.99% defect-free, with constant improvements to catch that remaining 0.01%. . That starts with global color and printing standards so high you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between products manufactured in Europe from those in Venecia LCA.

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